About VAUNT Model Management

Height and weight restrictions taken up by other Agencies won’t be enforced here at VAUNT Model Management, as we will look for other unique qualities in the people we recruit.

We have an experienced and dedicated team whose aim is to provide the highest quality of representation to its models and outstanding service to its clients.


For our Models

VAUNT will maintain an outstanding commitment to professionalism in every aspect of its business and, above all, in the discovery, nurture and development of our future and current models. By building up relationships with our models, we will endeavour to promote each models career to the maximum of their potential in whatever category of modelling they choose.


For our Clients

Our clients can also be assured they will receive as pleasant and professional a service as is possible, we offer a wide variety of work, so you’re sure to find the perfect model to suit.


Below are some of our specialisations.


 Full Photographic Packages (including studio)

 Photographic Models

 Speciality Modelling

 Character Models

Fashion/Show Models

 Models for fittings, all sizes!

 Hospitality/PR/Exhibitions/Promotional Staff

 Glamour Models


Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and we will have a model to suit your specific needs.